Environmental Reclamation Artist Angelo Ciotti
Habitat for a Human Family
Habitat for a Human Family: Video I

Habitat for a Human Family: Video II
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By definition, it is protection for the elements, safety from predators and intruders, and storage of the tools needed for survival. Never is there any mention of building codes, zoning laws, lot lines, lawns to mow or fences to build. How, then, does one explain the variance and changing the forms of shelter for man? The segmentation of space: The evolution of the cave to the castle - to the condo? The development of confined boxes of living? The answer lies in man's natural desire to control his environment.

Since before recorded history, man has had an acute awareness of the psychological effects of space: The interaction of function and aesthetics; The relationship of man, nature, objects and society; The changes in building materials and architectural design seen over the centuries area direct result of these desires. But in his search for function, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and convenience, he has separated himself from his environment.

Today's standards of status, solitude and organization have all but destroyed the aesthetic benefits of sharing in nature. Like the animals in a zoo, he is pampered and cared for, yet trapped in a rigidly defined space.

I believe it is time for a change. Time for man to live in a habitat designed - from a twentieth century perspective - to accommodate his lifestyle. Time for a habitat that combines the physical, social, psychological and cultural conditions that influence the growth and survival of an individual. With this installation, the circle has been completed. By using the advanced building materials originally designed to be beneficial in the "box living" environment, I would like to create an installation which creatively combines functionality with aesthetics. A habitat that allows the human to accept and enjoy his primeval instincts to share in, and master, his environment.