Environmental Reclamation Artist Angelo Ciotti
Urban Space

Urban public space, like the cities and industries which created it, is decaying. Along rivers, vacant factory areas and neighborhoods, the land has been ravaged and left naked by our industrial society.

Pragmatic art replenishes urban landscapes by sculpting earth, rock, grass and water, the basic elements, into humanistic forms.

Dreher Park Thumbnail
Illimani Couch
Erie Project Thumbnail
Jade Park
Convention Center Thumbnail
Dreher Park
Dreher Park Thumbnail
Erie Project
Erie Project Thumbnail
Convention Center
Convention Center Thumbnail
South Park
South Park Thumbnail
Mattress Factory
Mattress Factory Thumbnail
Aliquippa, PA
Aliquippa, PA Thumbnail
Meditation Park
Meditation Par Thumbnail
Earth Couch and Chair
Earth Couch and Chair Thumbnail
Volcanic Rock
Volcanic Rock Thumbnail