Environmental Reclamation Artist Angelo Ciotti
Rails to Trails
Carrie Street Staircase
Carrie Street Staircase, Large Image

Pittsburgh, PA 2000

This sculptural gateway, made of steel is 22' tall, 9' long, and 3' wide, is to commemorate the staircases of Pittsburgh. It was done in collaboration with the Art Institute of Pitttsburgh and the Fineview citizens group. In a one-day community event, young and old alike, created 122, 4" square paintings on plastic plates, which were then mounted on a turn of the century cast iron fence as an outdoor museum. They will be incorporated into the main fencing to tell stories of the neighborhood.

The Carrie Street Staircase Restoration includes an archway, which is representative of the bridges of Pittsburgh. It connects the community, from the past to the present. The paintings’ colors symbolize the forging of steel and the strength of those who made this city great. The restoration of the Carrie Street Staircase both achieves and embodies a sense of history for those who will continue to walk these stairs.